Wil w/ guests

October 16, 8:00 PM, Artful Dodger

WiL is no stranger to the Canadian music scene. Nominated in 2005 for three WCMA's including ‘Best Live Act’ for his debut album Both Hands he is gaining further recognition from a string of songs, including ‘Roam’, which feature in Travel Alberta’s award winning media campaign called ‘Remember To Breathe’. The flagship video 'Alberta' featuring won the Diamond Award in 2012 for Best Overall Entry at ITB Berlin (considered the OSCARS of International Travel and Tourism Industry) and 3 awards in 2013 including Gold for the video 'Summer', featuring WiL's brand new song 'There Is'.
WiL is currently working on his 5th studio album but will take a break in October in support of a much anticipated (and some say long overdue) LIVE ALBUM, aptly titled WiL-Live at the Ironwood which is due out in early October.

WiL’s first became intrigued with the “idea” of writing for film in October 2008, when the original track, ‘Big Life’ was placed in a pivotal hospital scene in the ABC TV series, ‘Eli Stone’. The following spring, he was featured in the White Iron Films, Rosie Award-winning documentary, Music Is The Message: WiL yet it was in 2009/10, during the recording of the album ‘In This Together’ and working with producer and commercial composer Bruce Leitl that WiL really started coming into his own as a songwriter. Tragically, Bruce passed away before the album was finished. WiL says, “I never realized what I actually learned while making that record until six months later. Bruce was my friend and mentor and although I feel the album itself became a bit polished for my liking it was the album that most definitely helped me realize my potential and lay the foundation for the skills required in the commercial realm.
WiL says “I feel very fortunate that my music is starting to find its way through to commercial avenues. I enjoy the process of making music to imagery and I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity afforded to me thus far and will continue as long as I am inspired but I will always know that my true passion is performing my music live.

… And live, is where WiL's energy and soulfulness is unmatched. He delivers his music with a roots inspired passion, which has cemented him self a reputation as a truly powerful live performer.
A recent live show review states “As each chord came and went, and every lyric transitioned to another, it made me want to love something half as much as WiL loves music. His songs are stories not written for fame, and his sound is authentic, not manipulated to follow trend. WiL plays music because he would die if he didn’t.”

1631 11th Avenue
S4P 0H5

Local Number: 306-757-9928