Global Day of Code Retreat 2013

December 14, DevFacto Technologies

What Is It?

Code Retreat is a day of coding practice with other developers in your neighbourhood. It is a free event for all who attend and lunch will be provided.

Global Day of Code Retreat is a special day once a year where groups around the world practice their craft on the same day!


What Will We Do?

The day will be broken up into 45 minute work sessions (around 5 or 6) with a short break and discussion period between each session. In each session you will:

  • be paired with a different participant
  • work on solving a simple problem such as Conway's Game of Life
  • practice writing perfect code

There will be a long lunch break where we will share a catered lunch and get a chance to visit with each other.


Why Should I Care?

Code Retreat is an opportunity to do a number of things. First and foremost you get an opportunity to practice the skill of coding. There are no project deadlines or even final goals pressuring you to get things done. You will get to focus on writing the best code you can.

Additionally, there is the opportunity to meet developers in the community, pair with strangers and learn how they work, hopefully check out a language that you've never used before.


What Do I Need?

Anything you need to get your code groove on. This will likely include:

  • laptop configured with your favourite tools
  • notebook & pens
  • specialty caffeine supplements
  • fancy hats


For more info go to

1701 College Avenue
S4P 1B8

Local Number: 306-525-1905