Leadercast Regina 2015

May 8, 10:30 AM, Conexus Arts Centre

Leadercast exists to positively change the way the world thinks about leadership.

Focused on building leaders worth following, leadership is not reserved for those with a 'C' in their title. We need better leaders in our communities, businesses, organizations, and in homes across the world.

Leadercast exists to serve individuals and organizations across all sectors who want to become intentional about raising their standard of leadership.

This year’s theme — The Brave Ones — challenges leaders to lead with a sense of Bravery, possessing a posture of unrelenting boldness. Join Regina’s best leaders at Leadercast on May 8, and discover what it means to be a leader worth following.

An essential behavior for any leader is the act of bravery. Bravery is not a moniker that can be bought… it cannot be self-appointed. Bravery is not attributed to everyone, but is reserved for those whose innovation in their industry cause them to stand out from the crowd, whose unyielding effort and error push their organizations into new territories, and whose boldness compels them to stand up for those less fortunate. These are The Brave Ones.

The Brave Ones have existed throughout history. Some are unforgettable icons, others names will never be remembered. They exist across all industries, societies, and at every level of leadership.

Join us at Leadercast Regina at Conexus Arts Centre, as we explore The Brave Ones, and learn what it means to lead in such a way that create bold cultures, builds faithful employees, and produces high achievement.

Leadercast is a one-day leadership event broadcast LIVE from Atlanta to hundreds of locations around the world, inviting an audience of more than 175,000 leaders. Leadership Events Regina is proud to be hosting its 3rd year with LeaderCast.


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