LFS Lecture: Proceed Until Apprehended - Luther Auditorium-University of Regina Main Campus

February 3, 5:00 PM, University of Regina

2013-14 Law Foundation Lecture of Saskatchewan is pleased to present "Proceed Until Apprehended" by Karyn McCluskey, Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit.

 In 2005, Scotland was highlighted by the UN peace monitor as being the most Violent Country in Europe and Glasgow was the most violent city. How do you change a country to recognize that violence had become the norm, compassion fatigue had permeated the media and murders were seen as commonplace and expected?

 In 2004, Scotland started to look at violence as a disease and to implement a public health approach to reduce violence. This public health campaign was driven primarily by police, but in the intervening decade has gathered professionals and communities across Scotland who are focused on violence prevention. Scotland is now at a 37-year low in relation to violence.

 Karyn McCluskey has worked for two decades as head of intelligence analysis in the United Kingdom. Originally trained as a nurse, McCluskey holds a BSc and MSc in Psychology and is a fellow by distinction of the Faculty of Public Health.
5:00 p.m.

Luther Auditorium
 University of Regina Main Campus

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