Sew My Events: Stitchin’ N’ Fixin’

February 22, 7:00 PM, Creative City Centre

Broken buttons, busted seams, ripped knees

Is your favourite sweater or jacket missing button? Maybe your jeans have a ripped seam? Or a worn knee?

You are invited to stitchin’ n’ fixin’ the sewing social that will teach you how to button them up, sew them up or patch them up!

Bring your mending, bring a friend, and come learn with us!

We will be offering two hands on lessons that will teach you how to sew on buttons, fix rips, and patch holes and tears. You will be given supplies to practise, and demonstrations to follow along. After the lesson and practise, we will have all the supplies you need to mend your own items and volunteers to help you along!

Evening Schedule

7:00 pm – Doors open
 7:30 pm – Lesson 1 – Button sewing (Hands On!)
 7:45 pm – Lesson 2 – Handstitching (Hands On!)
 8:00 pm – Lesson 3 – Patching (Demonstration)
 8:30 pm – Time to give it a try!

To learn more about this event, and Sew My Idea, please find us on facebook or email

1843 Hamilton Street
S4P 2B9

Local Number: 306-546-5565