The A-Moose-ing Race - Kidney Foundation of Saskatchewan Fundraiser and Awareness Program

July 5, 11:00 AM, Moose Jaw

Our event is a fundraiser benefitting the Kidney Foundation of Sask and Awareness to the importance of Organ Donation.  The race takes place on Saturday July 5, 2014 in Moose Jaw.. Details can be found on our website

The A-Moose-ing Race is a citywide event which teams of two people participate in challenges (checkpoints) located throughout the City of Moose Jaw. Teams will have 5 hours to complete 10 checkpoints which will combine traditional race elements of endurance, speed and athletics, with puzzle solving, quick thinking and testing of their comfort zones. To complete this 5 hour race, each 2-person team will be given a clue sheet that will include hints to the whereabouts of 15-20 different checkpoints throughout the city of Moose Jaw. They will run, walk and use public transit to make their way around the city. You can call family and friends for help, check out the Internet, or talk to strangers to help you solve the clues. The first team to complete 10 challenges and cross the finish line WINS!

Local Number: 1-306-631-4848 or 1-306-631-3468