Great White & Slaughter

November 1, 8:00 PM, Casino Regina Show Lounge

Great White - The love and passion for their music has never faltered. Re-charged and re-focused, Great White channels their raw, sweet and all-at-once dangerous sound into their 12th studio album, Elation. The album thrives on Great White’s signature grit and blues-hued sound, only marked with a new synergy. Featuring founder Mark Kendall (guitar), and 28-year veterans Michael Lardie (guitar, keyboards) and Audie Desbrow (drums), they are joined by lead singer Terry Ilous and bassist Scott Snyder. Great White emerged unscathed from late 2011 band member changes. Best known for the 1989 smash Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Great White’s worldwide sales are approaching 10 million. Their song arsenal includes: Rock Me, Save Your Love, The Angel Song and Mistabone. Their most recent album is Great White: 30 years - Live On the Sunset Strip.

Songs: Rock Me, Once Bitten Twice Shy, Mista Bone, The Angel Song, Save Your Love & House of Broken Love

Slaughter - In 1990, Slaughter hit radio, MTV and the U.S. touring circuit like a tornado. Touring the world with bands that they loved, KISS, Ozzy, and others meant the good times were just a song away, and their first hit single, Up All Night certainly fit that mold, while their second chart-topper, Fly To The Angels was more representative of the spirituality and awareness that goes into most of the band's music and lyrics. Their multi-platinum debut Stick It Live went gold as quickly as it was released. In 1992, the band went on to record WildLife. During this time the band won an American Music Award. WildLife entered the billboard charts the first week of release in the top ten at # 8 and went platinum a short time later. Eternal Live was the band's 6th record, and their first full-length live release. It’s Slaughter at its best- live on stage and captured the excitement of a performance and showcased 12 songs off their earlier albums. The band has sold over 5 million records worldwide.




1880 Saskatchewan Drive
S4P 0B2

Local Number: 306-565-3000