Joel Fafard in Concert at Sawchyn Guitars - Playing for Change

September 30, 7:30 PM, Sawchyn Guitars

Hey Everybody, you've been asking for another concert at Sawchyn Guitars and guess what? You've got it! Remember seating is limited, so buy your tickets early.

AND tell all your friends that we are doing a FREE string change on September 20th in support of Playing For Change.  So bring your guitar down, we'll clean the fingerboard, change the strings and tune it up all for Free,  we just ask  that you make a donation to the Playing for Change foundation. (minimum of $5.00 donation)

Tickets available @ Sawchyn Guitars

$25.00 each

2132 Dewdney Avenue
S4R 1G2

Local Number: 306-522-6348