The Wooden Sky

September 23, 7:30 PM, Artesian on 13th

The Wooden Sky returns to Artesian on Tuesday, September 23rd to celebrate the release of their fourth Album 'Let's Be Ready'! Tickets are available for sale online (through Picatic) and in-person at Mysteria Gallery ( The last time The Wooden Sky played our space, it was a sellout show, so get your tickets early!

Initially formed as the bedroom project of singer / songwriter / guitarist Gavin Gardiner, Toronto-based country-folk / indie rock collective The Wooden Sky have grown exponentially throughout the years—both physically and figuratively. Their reverence-turned-subversion of accepted notions in Americana-based music have made them tireless innovators, consistently finding new wrinkles within a genre as broad as it seems ageless.

With Let’s Be Ready, The Wooden Sky draws on nostalgia to capture the warmth of the tunes that inspired them to make music in the first place. This warmth—coupled with a freshness that looks to the future—serves up a new sound and new hope for the band. Let’s Be Ready acknowledges the pains of the past but with a gentle optimism and acceptance.

The Wooden Sky create a secret world where not-quite-forgotten memories return as ghosts. On this rich tapestry of atmospheric sounds and salvos, the past is never far behind.

2627 13th Avenue
S4T 1N2