Tom Jackson – Huron Carole

December 16, 8:00 PM, Casino Regina Show Lounge

Tom Jackson – Huron Carole with Beverly Mahood, Carly and Britt McKillip of One More Girl, Shannon Gaye and Don Amero.

Folk - Huron Carole ...A Christmas Musical, is the world premier tour of a musical cabaret. The magic of how the Huron Carole Project came to life. Starring Tom Jackson, Beverly Mahood, Carly and Brit McKillip of One More Girl, Shannon Gaye and Don Amero. The enchanting story of how a group of performers inspired a project that eventually generated over $200 million in cash and food services for the needy.

Tom Jackson - Penned the master of disaster, or minstrel with a message, it is music – his first love – that draws him to create change with the touch of a song, a poem, a musical or a concert tour. Tom has recorded 15 albums.

Beverly Mahood - A successful singer, songwriter, actress, model and television host, Beverley Mahood is truly a dynamic entertainer. In the past couple of years, Mahood has performed for some very exclusive audiences, including the G8 World Leaders in Toronto and British Royals William and Kate (on their first official trip to North America).

One More Girl - The first thing audiences notice about the BC-based One More Girl (Britt and Carly McKillip) is their pristine blend of voices, the sort of effortless harmonies only ever delivered by siblings. Their poise and presence is something not often seen in such young performers.

Shannon Gaye - Vancouver-based recording artist Shannon Gaye is delighted to be performing in the Huron Carole tour once again. Shannon has had the good fortune to be a part of many of Tom Jackson’s fundraising musical endeavours over the years, including the Singing for Supper Concert Series. The experience is always inspiring and enlightening.

Don Amero – This Winnipeg singer/songwriter has toured coast-to-coast headlining concerts, performing with symphonies and playing on national television. His music has generated eight awards and more than two dozen nominations. His talent and ambition receive ongoing acclaim, and his determination inspires countless youth.

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