Sean Burns - Live at Lancaster Taphouse

October 3, 9:00 PM, Lancaster Tap House

If you need me, I will be in Wisconsin, sings Sean Burns but he's just as likely to be found in Calgary, Vancouver, Thunder Bay or Ottawa.Touring relentlessly from one end of Canada to the other, Ontario-based singer/songwriter Sean Burns taps into the bittersweet spirit of the road and then spins it his way with a blend of electric and acoustic guitars and a wailing harmonica. His third cd, Cold Beans and Broken Eggs, will resonate with fans of Canadiana, Americana, folk, country and blues alike. The songs capture the grittiness of the road in the stark, down to earth style of an authentic storyteller who lives to rock out, and you'll find yourself digging them listen after listen.

4529 Gordon Road
S4W 3B7

Local Number: (306) 570-2323