Remembering Amelia Project Finale

November 25, New Dance Horizons Theatre

LEARN exercises to build and maintain dynamic posture.
VIEW live performance by Claudia Moore, Ashley Johnson, Kana Nemoto
CELEBRATE Amelia’s legacy

The Remembering Amelia Project is an educational project exploring and archiving the work of movement analyst and dance maverick Amelia Itcush (1945-2011). The Itcush Method theories and practices of dynamic posture have aided people from all walks of life to expand their human movement potential.

WORKSHOPS: Soft Feet & Balancing Forces
7-9 pm Nov. 25, 26, 27, 2014
$15.00 per class
LEARN exercises to build and maintain dynamic posture.
With Ashley Johnson, Kana Nemoto

HOMAGE: Itcush Into Dance
2-3:30 pm Sat. Nov. 29, 2014
VIEW live performance dedicated to Amelia:
Claudia Moore in Sylph(a) choreography: Apolonia Velasquez, Ofilio Sinbadinho
Small Chair Work demonstration: Ashley Johnson, Kana Nemoto.

GATHERING VIII: An Open Exchange
2-4 pm Sun Nov. 30
CELEBRATE Amelia’s legacy:
Exhibit: an archival collection of videos, illustrations and writings from Amelia’s body of work.
Demonstration: Hands On Chair with Kathy Morgan.

Photo: Amelia Itcush in David Earle’s Angelic Visitation #1, 1968 / Photo by Eric Dzenis

2207 Harvey St.

Local Number: 306-525-5393