Benjamin Kamino - "Nudity. Desire" AND Lukas Avendaño - "No soy persona, soy mariposa" (I am not a man, I am a butterfly) @SHU-BOX - NDH Men in Dance Festival

January 17, 8:00 PM, University of Regina

8:00pm showtime. 

*Please note: This show contains nudity and mature content.

Presented as part of NDH's Men in Dance Festival. See our website for details:


Photo Credits: 

Nudity. Desire, Performer: Benjamin Kamino, Photographer: Jamie Kronick

No soy persona, soy mariposa (I am not a man, I am a butterfly), Performer: Lukas Avendaño, Photographer: Luis Graillet

SHU-BOX Theatre, U of R

Local Number: 306-525-5393