The Accomplice-Live at Lancaster Taphouse

September 14, 10:30 PM, Lancaster Tap House

The Accomplice will astound you with his Grammy recognized recordings and a brilliant live show. His presence on stage is enormous, and the music is amazing. He delivers a modern impressive rock act that will leave you wondering how he does it all. You will not forget this innovative artist! 

Currently The Accomplice is performing songs from the album “Next” and many other great songs he has written in a new dynamic stage show. In this show he plays a kick and snare drum, guitar, sings vocals and once in a while even throws in a harmonica. His shows are high energy and a lot of fun. 

The Accomplice displays influences such as T-rex, Elvis, The Doors and The White Stripes. This creates a unique 50’s and 60’s inspired rock that is great live and on his albums. Throughout the years young and old have found something special for themselves in the over 100 songs he has written, recorded, produced and performed.

4529 Gordon Road
S4W 3B7

Local Number: (306) 570-2323