Foxx Worthee- Live at The Pump Roadhouse

September 19, 8:00 PM, The Pump Country Roadhouse

With their "confident and fully in-command" attitude, they come off as the bad girls of country music. And that is just fine with Foxx Worthee. Together, Crystal Smith and Nicole Perkins are the powerhouse duo that is Foxx Worthee. The sassy and smooth sounds of their harmonies are like no other. They are not afraid to be daring with their musical selections either, singing everything from the country classics of hard knocks and heartaches to the loud and hard sounds of classic and modern rock. Foxx Worthee's love of music is evident and it shows in each and every energetic performance. From the very first song they sing, the girls come out, full on Foxx Worthee. They love to work and play hard. And often. They are no strangers to the highway, calling themselves "well traveled". With over 100,000 kilometres under their tires in 2011, Foxx Worthee is preparing to hit the road again this year, with even more performance dates and kilometres to be covered! Foxx Worthee loves to have a lot of fun and start a little trouble. They are candid and they are edgy. It is the formula for excitement that makes Foxx Worthee who they are. But each Foxx brings their own characteristics and life experiences to the musical duo. And as much as they come out with their "guns a blazing" at each performance, they are also able to show their sweet souls and vulnerabilities in each song that they sing. Following the heels of their previous radio releases "Even The Devil", "Tennessee Flat Top Box" and "Be The Girl", Foxx Worthee is gearing up to head back into the music studio, this time with multi-award winning Producer, Bart McKay. With a mix of fun and fresh country tunes in their back pocket, the girls are excited to showcase their songwriting skills and kick the musical door wide open and shout out "HERE WE ARE" Catch Foxx Worthee Live on The Pump Stage the entire weekend, Sept. 19-21. "The Pump Roadhouse... The Official Bar of Anything Official!!!"

641 Victoria Ave East
S4N 0R2

Local Number: (306) 359-7440