Lovin' Spoonful

May 22, 8:00 PM, Casino Regina Show Lounge

In 1965, two rockers from Long Island, Steve Boone and Joe Butler, teamed up with two folkies from Greenwich Village, John Sebastian and Zal Yanovsky, to form the Lovin' Spoonful and go on to record and perform some of the songs that would dominate the charts and establish them among the greats of the mid-sixties era.

Combining the best of folk music and rock and roll, with a touch of country thrown in, they gave us such hits as “Do You Believe in Magic”, “You Didn't Have to be So Nice” and the anthem for a hot July evening, “Summer in the City”.

As 1969 approached, the skies were darkening in Good Time Music land and sensing opportunities in individual endeavors the three remaining members went their separate ways with a promise to not let the spark go out.  In 1991, a long awaited settlement with their record company inspired Joe and Steve to contact Jerry and start up the Lovin' Spoonful again.  The year 2000, marked a milestone for the band when they were officially inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. The Spoonful has been performing their songs around the world for over 45 years.

Members: Steve Boone & Joe Butler (original members), Jerry Yester (since 1967), Mike Arturi & Phil Smith

Tickets on sale February 18 for Players Club Members, February 20 for general public.


1880 Saskatchewan Drive
S4P 0B2


Local Number: 306-565-3000