2016 Regatta - Largest Regatta in Western Canada

June 29, 9:00 AM, Wascana Park


The Regina Rowing Club will host Rowing Canada Aviron’s Canadian Masters Championships, in Regina, Saskatchewan, July 23 – 24, 2016.  This annual celebration of rowing will take place in the heart of the province’s capital city on Wascana Lake.

The lake, sheltered in a 2300-acre urban greenspace, one of North America’s largest, is perfect for masters racing with its seven-lane, Albano buoyed, 1000-metre racecourse.

“The Regina Rowing Club is very excited to host the 2016 Rowing Canada Aviron Canadian Masters Championships,” said David Millar, Chair of the 2016 regatta Organizing Committee.  “Given the warm and friendly hospitality of Regina and coming just one year after our very successful hosting of the
North West International Rowing Association Championship Regatta, it is our goal to have Wascana 2016 recognized as the model for future Canadian Master Championships regattas!” he added.

The two-day competition will welcome rowers from across Canada, the United States and further afield to compete on the course purposely designed for the 2005 Canada Games regatta.


Wascana Park