Gair Maxwell Branding Workshop - Exceptional Speaker Series - part 1

October 17, 7:30 AM, Mackenzie Art Gallery

What's the secret to developing the next Apple or Starbucks brand? Marketing is all about belief. You have to make everyone believe in your company and its products as much as you do. You need a brand that sells itself, and Gair Maxwell can help you to find it.

You are invited... to believe!

Martin Charlton Communications is proud to launch its new speaker series with a presentation from Gair Maxwell, internationally acclaimed branding expert and author of Nuts, Bolts And A Few Loose Screws.

Gair was named 2012 Canadian Speaker of the Year by TEC Canada. Rock star and entrepreneur Gene Simmons has called Gair " inspiring figure. He makes you want to get up and achieve something."

Gair's concept of branding isn't restricted to companies. His approach also helps professionals build stronger personal brands that benefit both their careers and their personal lives. Visit

Don't miss out on this opportunity to build a dream team of executives and employees that can turn your company into a marketing powerhouse.

Proudly presented by Martin Charlton Communications, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and Rawlco Radio.