150 Species for Canada 150

April 16, 11:00 AM, Royal Saskatchewan Museum

When people get a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at a museum like the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, they are often excited to learn about the size and inherent value of the collections. To recognize the 150th year of Confederation, we are putting 150 species from the provincial natural history and fossil collections on display. Museums like the RSM collect and study specimens like these to preserve them for future generations and to better understand the life around us. This exhibit is a chance to see part of the collections up close and learn more about how we know when a new species is discovered, why their names are important, and how species get their names.


Do you want to be a part of 150 for 150? Join the list of donors who are proud parents of a 150 for 150 species. Every adoption will include:

  • a certificate of Adoption and a photo of your species
  • an accompanying description of your species and its history or significance to Saskatchewan
  • your name on the Museum’s website and in the Friends of the Museum Annual Report
  • a charitable tax receipt
  • Thank you.

    We wish to acknowledge the following donors for their generous contributions to this exhibit through the Adopt and Artifact program.

    Cam and Amanda Thick
    Donna Woloshyn
    Ethan and  Mara Heichert
    Brynnley Fondrick-Thiele
    Cal, Ida and  Abigail Sadowski
    Cady Shaw
    Grayson Strem and Kaylex Thiemann
    Charles Neufeld
    Michelle and Brad Hunter
    Dr. J.W.R. LeBlond (in memoriam)
    Claire Thorseth
    Norman Sharp (in memoriam)
    Greg Watkins
    John R. Watkins
    Dennis Avery
    Arlene Macallister and Jim Costal
    Matthew McGillis and Scott Thomson
    RSM Interpretive Staff
    Wendling Family
    Morrison Family
    Grayson Mercier
    Harold & Colleen Bryant
    Lesley Sawa
    Robert Deglau
    Hunter Deagle LLP
    June Young
    Tony Neal
    Rhys Morris (in memoriam)


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