Brother Number One

October 5, 7:00 PM, Regina Public Library

Winner Best Director Documentary, New Zealand Film & TV Awards
``In the deeply moving doc New Zealander Rob Hamill confronts Comrade Duch, the Khmer Rouge leader who ordered the torture and execution of Hamill`s brother Kerry at the notorious S-21 prison in 1978. Helmed by respected Kiwi documaker Annie Goldson (Punitive Damage, 1999), [the film] will move many to tears with details of what befell Kerry and millions of others at the hands of the genocidal regime. The devastating effect on the Hamill family is delicately threaded through Rob`s appearance as the only Westerner to make a victim statement and ask direct questions of Duch (real name, Kaing Guek Eav) during his 2009 trial.`` Variety

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