November 3, 9:00 PM, Regina Public Library

Drafthouse Films rediscovers The Scifi/Horror Epic That 1979 Couldn`tHandle! Wealthy Raymond Armstead (Lance Henrikson) is dating, andseemingly in love with Barbara Collins (Joanne Nail) - but he`s really part of a mysterious syndicate of rich men trying to gain power throughmanipulation of an alien force carried in Barbara`s womb. Both Raymond and Barbara`s uncannily talented pre-teen daughter Katie (Paige Conner), want a new baby to be born - to carry forth the power Katie is starting to show. A man from another world (John Houston) intervenes as the force of good, trying to stop Katie from using her powers for evil and take her back to a place where the goodness of children can thrive.

2311 - 12th Avenue
S4P 0N3

Local Number: 306-777-6000