Honeymoon Suite with Lee Aaron

February 13, 8:00 PM, Casino Regina Show Lounge

Honeymoon Suite – Johnnie Dee and Derry Grehan, principal and founding members of Honeymoon Suite, met when introduced by their former manager in 1982.  Deciding to work together, they formed Honeymoon Suite. In 1983, they entered a Homegrown Contest put on by a Toronto radio station. New Girl Now won them the contest and the band was signed by a label. Their first album was released in 1984.  Their second album, The Big Prize was released in 1986 and went platinum in Canada almost immediately and started selling steadily in the US. The trio returned to the studio in 1990 to craft Monsters Under The Bed. Singles like Say You Don’t Know Me and The Road did well in Canada.

Band members: Johnnie Dee, Derry Grehan, Peter Nunn, Dave Betts & Gary Lalonde

Songs: New Girl Now, Bad Attitude, What Does it Take, Feel it Again, Burning Love & Still Lovin' You

Lee Aaron – In recent years Lee Aaron has found a comfortable reconciliation of her parental ideals and rock ‘n’ roll heart. Tempered by the wisdom that motherhood brings, she’s no longer concerned by the stereotyping that relentlessly pursued her since the 1984 release of her iconic album Metal Queen. Instead, she’s now able to understand why the label stuck, and can – almost cheerfully – discuss her relationship with the mythology that is actually an acute counterpoint to her fundamental artistic vision.


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