The Irish Rovers – 50th Anniversary Tour

March 3, 8:00 PM, Casino Regina Show Lounge

The story of the Irish Rovers starts in Canada in 1963, when the 16-year old George Millar and 23-year old Jim Ferguson, both new emigrants from Northern Ireland, met in Toronto at an Irish function. They ended up singing together 'til dawn; and so the Irish Rovers were launched.  They performed as a duo until George's cousin, Joe Millar, immigrated to Canada the following year. Joe, who played button-key accordion and harmonica, and also sang traditional ballads, was recruited as he stepped off the plane. After several months of engagements around Ontario, the trio made their way to Calgary, where they joined forces with George's brother, Will Millar.

These international ambassadors of Irish music have charmed and entertained people around the world for more than four decades and continue to delight audiences with their exciting stage shows. The Irish Rovers have never lost their timeless ability to deliver a rollicking, rousing performance of good cheer that will soon have you singing and clapping along! The band features original members George Millar and Wilcil McDowell along with John Reynolds, Sean O’Driscoll, Ian Millar & Fred Graham. The band returned to the world music charts in 2011 with their album, Home in Ireland. In 2012, they released the single, The Titanic from their Drunken Sailor album.

Songs: Wasn't That a Party, Unicorn, Irish Rover, Did She Mention My Name, Rhymes and Reasons & Years May Come Years May Go

Tickets on sale December 16 for Players Club Members, December 18 for general public.

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S4P 0B2

Local Number: 306-565-3000